Lateral Connections

We offer a fantastic range of connectors to suit any job, no matter what the scenario we have top quality solutions for a reliable and worry free connection.


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Quick and economical sewer connections

Using the CONNEX-Junction lateral pipes can be connected to the sewer pipe quickly, easily and economically – both in the case of a new installation and upon retrofitting. The component is equipped with an integrated adjustable socket so that the connected pipes permit movements in all directions from 0° to 11°. The significantly increased flexibility contributes to high quality and a long service life of lateral pipes and connections.

Connex: The advantages in practice:

  1. A tension-free lateral connection
  2. An easy and quick installation
  3. Dual cutting of existing pipelines to connect lateral pipes via junctions and slip couplers is not necessary
  4. Real cost and time savings

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Creating tension-free sewer connections

The FABEKUN® Junction with DN/OD 160 or DN/OD 200 adjustable socket is suitable for the connection of lateral pipes to concrete or reinforced concrete pipes (EN 1917) – starting from a wall thickness of 30 mm – and also for clay pipes. Thanks to its three dimensional seals it adapts ideally to the inner radius of the sewer pipe. The adjustable socket allows for the connection to swivel within a range from 0° to 13° and compensates the different settlement behaviour of the main sewer pipe and the lateral pipe.


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The perfect connection for non-pressure pipes

The new Funke VPC® Pipe Coupling allows pipes of the same nominal diameters made of different materials to be connected to one another safely, reliably, and with the best possible results – despite having different outer diameters incurred by the design type!

The Funke VPC® Pipe Coupling consists of a reducible sealing sleeve made of elastomer rubber, a centrically reducible securing cage made of plastic, and two stainless-steel bands for applying force to achieve a uniform circumferential adjustment.


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Perfect for trouble free connection of uPVC drainage and sewer pipes to concrete sockets, clay sockets and chamber sockets.

The Funke BSM-Adapter enables level-invert transitions from pipe to chamber as well as from pipe to pipe sockets made of rigid materials such as clay and concrete. The Funke BSM Adapter consists of a body encircled by a row of toggles, which are contracted with the help of a robust stainless steel clamp – the seal encircling the device expands and is compressed into the clay or concrete socket.

The eccentric arrangement of the toggles ensures that the transition is always at level-invert. The adaptors extremely large clamping range, which is available in nominal diameters of DN 250 to DN 500, also means that this system can be used for many different applications.


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Fast, flexible and sealed

The EPDM-covered stainless steel barrel is inserted into the pipe. The user then widens it by driving in the wedge, which press fits it onto the inner wall of the pipe. Several sealing ribs arranged in a ring shape ensure that a tight joint is formed. The VPC® Pipe Coupling included in the delivery is then mounted and fastened on the other end of the BI-Adapter. This makes it possible to connect a pipe with a circular outer geometry. The outer diameter of the pipe to be connected must be in the clamping range of the VPC® Pipe Coupling being used. The Funke BI-Adapter® is available for pipes with nominal diameters from DN 150 to DN 1000.


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For bridging height differences

The Funke Internal Backdrop with EPDM seal on the back has been developed to bridge height differences in the sewer system. The standard version of the component is available in the nominal diameters DN/OD 160, DN/OD 200 and DN/OD 250, and is available for DN 1000, 1200 and 1500 concrete chambers. The Funke-ILA can be used for new chambers or be retrofitted in existing ones. The pipe is connected with a pipe section passed through the chamber wall. The wall transition can be made either with a pre-produced chamber lining or with an on-site ring space seal. An opening allows for easy inspection and access. Thanks to the small space demands of the Funke-ILA, the chamber remains accessible. However, the accessibility has to be checked on a case by-case basis if there is a inlet depths starting with a nominal diameter of 250.